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    About Us

    20 years experience in the tree lopping industry has helped us gain the knowledge and efficiency to get the job done.

    Aaron’s Tree Lopping is a fully insured Perth tree lopping service with over 20 years experience. We specialize in Tree Surgery, Tree lopping, Tree removal, Stump Grinding, Power-line clearance, Tree pruning, Hedging & Site clearing for new development.
    Tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Trees, if maintained properly can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability. Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should only be carried out by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees.

    Taking the weight off the tree and/or balancing the weight by safety pruning your trees can help to stabilize the tree and keep it from falling. If you are looking for an expert tree care service provider in your area, we are the company to call.

    Aaron’s Tree Lopping services Perth metro with a reliable tree service at very competitive prices. We have a no-obligation free quote policy.

    Frequently Asked

    An aborist are people like us – that cut down trees!

    We have other fancy names like tree surgeons or arboriculturist.

    The main reason why we exist is to ensure that trees are cut or trimmed to a professional standard and, most importantly, in a safe manner.

    Absolutely, we’re insured for up to $10 million at any one occurance. Documentation is available upon request.

    Aaron’s Tree Lopping is a fully insured Perth tree lopping service with over 20 years experience. We specialize in Tree Surgery, Tree lopping, Tree removal, Stump Grinding, Power-line clearance, Tree pruning, Hedging & Site clearing for new development.

    All green waste leftover from tree removal, trimming, strump grinding or any other tree services is removed from your property – and it’s all included in the price that we quote you.

    In some circumstances, yes. Give us a call and we’ll best advice you depending on the location and size of the tree. It also depends on which local counil area you live in as regulations may vary.

    Depending on the type of tree that we’re removing, it may be necessary. Some trees are considered to be weeds so cutting them down to the stump does will not stop regrowth or the roots continuing to spread and sprout out in other parts of your property.

    Absolutely, we’re qualified to do this and also highly experienced.

    We sure can! Ask us for a quote – it’s always cheaper than buying mulch.

    People often think of large trees being chopped at the trunk before they fall gloriously to the ground – from what they’ve seen on TV.

    The way it’s done today is bit by bit, in a safe and controlled manner. Nothing is dropping uncontrollably to the ground, and the bits that are aren’t large enough to cause any real property damage in the first place.

    This approach also makes it easier for us to removal all of the green waste from your yard, moving it all by hand to our mulching machine where we turn your freshly lopped tree into useful mulch which will serve to provide nature with water-retaining soils to help other plants and trees stay healthy.

    After we’ve taken the tree apart, piece by piece, all that is usually left is the stump. And if you want the stump gone too, we’ve got all the best equipment to grind the stump into nothing.

    Grinding down a tree stump is exactly what it sounds like – we get a machine with some strong and sharp teeth to grind down that stump into basically nothing.

    That allows you to get the ground nice and level, ready for any landscaping projects that you have in mind.

    Depending on the type of tree, we may recommend poisoning the stump first and allowing it, and all its roots, to die before coming back to grind it away – that’s because some trees are more like weeds in the way they seem to pop back up if you don’t finish them off properly in the first instance.

    We’re not just the grim reaper to trees. We can also give them a bit of a trim so that they look sharp, and that they continue to grow healthy.

    Nature has designed trees to be used and abused, whether that’s from interaction with humans or other species. So, pruning unhealthy leaves and dead branches actually helps the tree to continue to thrive. That’s good news not just for the trees themselves, but for all the other vegetation, insects and animals that rely on that tree as a part of a wider, healthy ecosystem.

    It’s also necessary for practical reasons, too. We often need trees pruned when they’re started to branch out towards power lines or getting a bit too close to property. The last thing you want in a storm is a long branch to break off and fall on your house or car.

    7 Days a Week

    Call 7 days a week on 0412 335 775 if your property has been hit/affected by storm damage.

    Aaron’s Tree Lopping will remove all waste from your property.

    ABN 32 307 664 100

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